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Live Image

Live Image assets are used to display screengrabs of live URLs, where the nature of the web page makes it too unwieldy to implement as a Live HTML asset.

Examples of this are Splunk and Tableau dashboards, that are very heavy on JavaScript and would not be rendered efficiently in a player. For pages like this the Scraper visits the page, creates a screen grab and creates an image that is stored in the asset. This image is updated regularly, according to the setting for the asset. The scraper itself runs every minute.


Live Image assets need a URL to scrape for the image, and (depending on the type of website) credentials to login to the URL.

Credential types and login scripts have been pre-written for Splunk and Tableau services. If no Credentials are provided to the asset the scraper assumes that no login process is required.

Create your credentials first 

If your dashboard needs credentials in order to be accessed, new Credentials are created in the Settings > Credentials tab. Click New Credentials, choose they appropriate type and then enter your login details.

Please note: Not all types of login are supported, if your login does not work please contact Nod Support to create a custom login type. 

Create the asset

  • Select Live Image in New Asset popup
  • Click Edit on the Asset page
  • Enter the Page URL
  • Take screenshot after refers time point that the player takes a screenshot. This is used for the preview image of the asset. The default is 10 seconds and will most likely not need to be changed.
  • Set the pagerefresh frequency (defaults to 600 seconds)
    • Page refresh time is how often the server grabs a new image
  • Set the playerrefresh frequency (defaults to 3600 seconds)
    • Player refresh time is how often the player asks for those changes
    • This should be a shorter time than the page refresh time so that the server can do the heavy lifting
  • Select the Credentials type (created earlier)

Publish the asset

Assets are created with no files initially. The asset can not be run until the scraper has run at least once, creating an image that can be displayed. When the Scraper has run successfully a new image file will be added to the assets’s Files. When you can see an image in the Files list you can Publish the asset


  • If you want a live image with the player refreshing every 10 minutes
  • Set page refresh to 300 seconds( or less time if the url changes very often) This number will always be lower than player refresh if the scraper is to run efficiently
  • Set player refresh to 600 seconds

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