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Content Library

Viewing content in the content library

In the content library you can view images, videos and other types of content that have been previously uploaded to Nod. You can search for a specific piece of content or show all content of a particular type or status. 

Adding Content to your playlist

As well as having the option of adding content to your playlist directly you can also add to your playlist from the content library.

1. Click on a piece of content, on the popup then click next. 

2. Select the playlist you want the content to play on. And fill in the other details if you want the content to stop playing on a certain date or time of day for example. When you are complete click save. 

Upload Content to Content Library

1. Go to the Content Library page click on "Add Content". 

2. Name your Content or "asset" and choose a content type. It will most likely be an image or video that you are uploading, the other types correspond to more complex custom pieces of content. 

3. Click on Upload file to upload your video file and then use the "Choose file" button to select what file on your computer to upload. If the orientation is correct then click "Save".

4. Once you have uploaded the file that you want click "Publish". Your video is now available to add to a playlist and can be see in the content library. 

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