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Why is my video not playing?

1. Has your video asset been downloaded by your LG screen(or Windows device)? 

  • Sometimes your Nod organisation is set to download new content overnight instead of immediately. Check the status of your queue by going to the "Queue" tab.
  • Change how the queue is managed by clicking "Manage" and change to "Push Immediately"

  • If you do not want to change the queue management  but instead want to push all the current items in the queue, clicking "Force all will force the processing of all tasks in the queue. Warning, this is for all tasks across all screens across your Nod organisation. This may be a lot of tasks that take a while to process. 

2. Is the video in the screen's history queue?

  • Go to the Dashboard Tab, select the screen you are checking and select the history tab on the right. 
  • If the video does not appear in the history queue at all then either the screen has not downloaded the asset file or the screen is not scheduled to play the video at all. 
  • If the video appears in the queue and once it reaches the "now playing" point and the screen skips the video instead of playing it then proceed to points 3&4. 

3.  Is the video type supported? Check the video file type against the file types and codecs that Nod supports here. The default video file type that should be used is MP4. 

4.  Can you play the video file the full way through on your own computer? 

  • Find the file in question in your content library and click on it. Then click "Edit"

  • Click package in the top right hand corner and download zip. Unzip the folder that has been downloaded and try to play the video file the full way through. If the video file is corrupted re-upload the video and then add to your screen's playlist

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