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Windows Device Commandline Videowall setup

  • Use the identify button in Windows Display settings with the help of someone on-site to drag the displays into the right configuration.
  • Open command prompt and cd to the directory that you have your Nod folder installed. (You may need to open Command Prompt as administrator depending on the folder permissions for your Nod folder)
  • Type the following command 
    ArthurMP.exe -w [1920 * the no of screens across] -h [1080 * no of screens vertically] 

    and press enter

  • You will see a log saying “Starting child process” and the Nod will open in the height and width needed. 

- The setup relies on the stability of the HDMI connections if these loosen and a screen disconnects then the NodMedia windows player will not play properly across all of the screens. 
- When adding to a scheduled task that starts on login add "-w 5760 -h 1080” as arguments.
- If playing a video across all three screens the H265 codec will be needed. It can be bought and downloaded from the windows store under "HEVC Video Extensions".

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