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Windows Device Eyefinity Configuration

Installing the H265 codecs in Windows 10

This is only needed if you are playing H265 video files, which have been used in the past on superwide 4x1 4k videowalls. If you find your H265 videos are being skipped in their playlist, you will need to install on your player device. "HEVC Video Extensions" can be found in the Windows store. The Windows store allows only 10 licences per Microsoft account. 

When configuring the displays on-site

  • In Windows Display settings set the scaling on each monitor to 100% (usually Windows defaults to 300%)

  • Use the identify button in Windows Display settings with the help of someone on-site to drag the displays into the right configuration

  • Test with someone on-site that you can drag a window from left to right (and up and down) and all the screens appear to be in the correct position

  • Enable Eyefinity via the Radeon settings (accessible via right-clicking on the Desktop) If Eyefinity is not available and you have a Radeon graphics card, install Eyefinity from here

  • Re-test with confirmation from on-site staff that the screens are the correct order - if they aren't, use Eyefinity's built-in setup tool to reorder them

  • Restart the device and check that the player starts correctly. If the TVs are only displaying a portion of the whole picture but Teamviewer is showing the whole player, make sure to turn off the Tile Mode which is available on some LG TVs. 

  • Start the ArthurMP.exe file and see if the Nod player fills the entire video wall screen. 

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