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Windows Device Daisy Chain configuration

Set up Daisy Chain

  • Connect first screen to your Windows device via HDMI

  • Connect first to second using DisplayPort. On an LG screen the output is often the left and input is on the right(the opposite way around than you would think)

  • You may need to disable HDCP in the radeon settings to get daisy chaining to work.

Set up Tile Mode

  • Follow the below steps for each of the 4 screens(assuming 4 screen video wall setup)

  • (for newer LG screens)Ez setting > videowall

  • (for older LG screens, where ez settings is not available) Hold settings button > type 0000 then enter > tile mode menu

  • Assuming a setup with 4 screens in one row. Set up to have 2 rows and 2 columns and number the screen you are on based on the table below. 

Screen 1 : Tile Id 1Screen 2 : Tile Id 2
Screen 3 : Tile Id 3Screen 4 : Tile Id 4

Get content

  • Content in content manager will be called “stacked - [screen type]" This content will have to be pre-arranged with Nod Support

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