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Moving from IPK to ZIP on LG Screens

The following provides instruction on how to revert LG screens from IPK to ZIP files.

Please notify us of any screens which you are moving back to ZIP - email these over to Chloe at We want to keep a record so that we can communicate progress with our investigation, and future changes required relating to this move.

Factory reset the screen

Navigate to the Admin menu and Factory Reset the screen following the on-screen prompts. The screen will shut down so you'll need to turn it on again and go through the initial screen set up. In the set-up screens, choose the "Go to Settings" option and Start.

Following factory reset, navigate to General Settings and set the time by either:

  • Choose to set the time automatically, in this case check your timezone is correct
  • Manually update the date and time

Deprovision the screen

Log into Nod at and navigate to the relevant screen via the Dashboard or Locations tab. Navigate to the screens settings by selecting Edit Screen from the Dashboard or the settings cog (), and then Edit Screen from the Locations tab.

Navigate to the Network tab and select Take Screen Offline to deprovision the screen.

Reprovision the screen

Return to the Screen page of the relevant screen and click the Provision Now button.

Nod will now display a provisioning URL like the one below, which you will use in the following steps. Leave this window open in Nod.

On the LG screen, navigate back to the SI Server Settings menu.

To find this menu on TV models B&C: 

  1. Using the remote, hold down the Settings button until a speech bubble appears on screen. 
  2. Type 8080, and then press OK

To find this menu on TV models D&E:

  1. Using the remote, tap the settings (cog symbol) button
  2. Navigate to the EZ Settings menu
  3. Select the SI server Settings icon

Once in the SI Server Settings menu, select the following settings:

IMPORTANT: When entering the provisioning URL into the LG device, please change the .ipk on the end of the URL to .zip. For example, the provisioning code in the screenshot above would be entered into the LG screen settings as
  1. Set the Application Launch Mode to "Local"
  2. Set Fully Qualified Domain Name to "On"
  3. Type the provisioning URL which is displayed in Nod
  4. Set the Application Type to "ZIP"
  5. The rest of the settings can remain on the factory defaults

Navigate to Local Application Upgrade on the same settings page and select "Remote". Select OK and wait for the screen to confirm the upgrade has been completed. If the upgrade fails, check the settings have been entered correctly, particularly that you've entered the URL correctly.

Restart the screen by switching it off and on using the remote, the screen may now restart itself 1-2 times.

Once the upgrade is complete, go back to your page on and select the "Provision" button. Nod will now attempt to connect to the screen. You will get a confirmation screen when it has been successfully provisioned.

Note: When setting up your screens, please make sure the time and date of your LG device is correct. You can find the time and date under the "General" tab of your LG device's setting.

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