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Assign your new playlist to your first screen

New we need to "Assign" our playlist to the screen we created earlier. This tells the screen to play all the content that we have added to our playlist. 

1. From the "Playlists" tab, select & open the playlist that you want to assign to the screen.
2. Click on “# screens” dropdown under the playlist title.

3. Click on “+” icon which will open “Assign Playlist to Screen” modal.

4.  “Assign Playlist to Screen” modal will display a list of all available screens, which at the moment is only the screen you created earlier. Click the box next to your screen to select it and then press save to assign the playlist to your screen.

Once saved, this will automatically queue the selected playlist and its content to be downloaded to the selected screen. After all of the content has been downloaded by your screen it will start displaying your playlist.

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