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Provision an LG Screen

1. Once you’ve added a screen  and clicked save you’ll be able to see the following popup 

2. To provision your screen you will need to add some details to your LG digital signage device:

For TV models B&C: 

  • Using the remote, hold down the Settings button until a speech bubble appears on screen. 
  • Type 8080, and then press OK.

    For TV models D&E:

Using the remote, tap the settings (cog symbol) button and navigate to the EZ Settings menu and select the SI server Settings icon.

  1. Set the Application Launch Mode to "Local", and set Fully Qualified Domain Name to "On".
  2. Type the provisioning URL (displayed on the provisioning screen in Nod after you've saved your new screen) in the box provided.
  3. Set the Application Type to "IPK".
  4. Use the Remote Local Application Upgrade function to upload the application IPK file.
  5. Restart the screen.

3. After your digital signage device has downloaded the nod application go back to and click “Provision now”

Note: Make sure the time and date of your LG device is correct. 
You can find the time and date under the "General" tab of your LG device's setting. 

4. The page will tell you when the provisioning is complete and your screen is connected. 

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