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Timed background video tests

I made a video which transitions between scenes every 2 seconds, and exactly 20s long, same as the asset duration. The video also has a transparent background which should line up with the html. 

Keeps consistent time - however the start can be delayed by the loading time.
Pixel Perfect
Consistent time - but html will resume where it left off.
~5px off

The timing can really get out of whack, by up to 2 seconds sometimes. The load times vary a lot, even on the samsung. The dmp seems to pause the html - when it plays the asset the second time, it doesn't restart it afresh, and just continues from where it was last left. This causes huge timing issues.

This technique could work on the samsung if you only wanted to transition once every 10 + seconds, with quite long transitions, so that 1s difference wouldn't be as obvious.

Timed video probably not viable.


DMP wont restart html

The html will get paused and resumed when an asset isn't shown. This means it would be impossible to do events such as a fade in when the asset starts to play. Does not occur on the samsung.

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