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Webpack is a module bundler; it takes modules with dependencies and emits static assets representing those modules. Listed below is information for Webpack use when creating assets.

Compiling / Transpiling
If using newer technologies (ES6, Flexbox, HTML5, React.js, etc.) you will need to compile and transpile your code to be compatible with Nod devices.
Files at root level
Ensure that all files, such as images and stylesheets, are not compiled into seperate Styles or Image folders. This will ensure that all files are accessible at the root level and will be rendered.

When using ES6 webpack will require additional polyfills to be installed. Polyfills will need to be installed through NPM, and required/imported into the polyfills.js folder. This file is run at the entry point of the webpack.config files. 

Installation instructions can be found here:

Prefixing for older browser versions
In the webpack.config files autoprefixer function takes an object of browsers that declares settings. Versions of browsers can be adjusted to take older versions into account

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