Organising and searching by tag

Tags can be used to organise and search for different groups of assets. 

Tags can also be used to organise and search locations

Using tags within your schedules and controllers

Tag can be used to restrict what is playing on screens within a zone or across different zones.

Restrict Schedule by tag

1. Go to the schedule tab, click on the schedule that you want to add a tag restriction to. Click "Edit Schedule" in the top right hand corner.

2. Add the "Free wifi" tag to the "Restrict Broadcasting by Tags" option

3. The schedule will now only play on screens or screens within the location that have the relevant tag.

4. You can also set this option on individual controllers within the "Restrict to showing where" option.

Exact match

There is also an option within a controller to require an exact match for a tag between an asset and a screen. 

1. In the schedule page click on the controller you want to edit and click edit. 

2. Add the "Content Type" tag  to the "Require exact tag match for " section

3. Add assets with the "Content Type" tag set. 

4. The "Content Type" tag on the asset with have to exactly match "Content Type" tag or tags on the screen for that asset to play on the screen.