There are two ways of adding content for your screen to play. We will start by adding images and videos to the playlist we have already set up. The [Advanced Settings](doc:advanced-settings) section takes you through adding other types of content or customising your current content.

Add Content to your playlist

1. Make sure you are a Schedule Manager for the schedule that you want to add to. See the [creating schedules](doc:creating-schedules) instructions for more information.

2. Go to the Playlist tab from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. You will see your Schedule in the left-hand list. 

3. You can drag-and-drop image or video files into the centre list to add content to your Playlist, or click the "Add Content" button to select files for upload. 

4. Add a name for your file. You can set a custom start and end time and date here, or you can leave it blank to use the values set in the Schedule. 

5. Once you click "Save" you can see the content that your Schedule is configured to play.


Player Sync Mode

By default, new Nod accounts will only send changed content and configuration to players overnight. 

To instead apply player change in minutes, go to the Queue tab, press the Manage button, and switch "Queue management" from "Push overnight" to "Push immediately".

6. To learn about adding other types of content or to add more customisation see the [Advanced Settings](doc:advanced-settings) section.